Friday, 19 September 2008

Working Hard

That's it.

Sun's gone.

Back to normal.

Three weeks was too much to ask, but if the sun had stayed out today we would have had 21 days of uninterrupted sun here in Van. This kind of 25 degree + weather is unheard of for this time of year but it's been great and has given me a chance to get in some good training while the sun was out. I have topped up the sun tan for the year (with a slight jersey mark appearing on my arms) and settled into the routine (I use that phrase lightly) of student life.

Class is going well, not too busy this term so lots of time for other activities, that said last night I was in the library for 2 hours geeking up on the "Gamma function" which is far too complicated to be trying to understand after a weeks hard work so I rewarded myself with a beer afterwards! Had two big runs this week, 16.5km and 17.5 km, nice to get out and run for more than an hour, no pains to report. Bike wise I've been out for a few big (for me) rides, did the Cypress mountain 85km loop again plus another 2 60km+ rides throughout the week. Heading up to Whistler this afternoon for the weekend, my friend Collin is riding a MTB competition and we're taking up some others for support, should be good and is exciting taking some people to Whistler for the first time.

Lance is back. Bring it on I say, just wished he hadn't said he was going to win.

The rock. The rock is filming on campus next month - going to invite him over for a beer.

Whistler. The new Peak to Peak gondola opens in December and the first trial runs are this weekend. Woohoo...

...and thats about it.

I've got class in about 10 minutes so I'll round up with something I read in a Scott Tinley article. He's pretty insightful and writes very well, check out the back page in "Triathlete" mag if you get a chance,

"I sometimes wonder if all things in sport are contextually bound by how we perceive their value; a measurement relative to goals, needs, personality traits and something of the spirit that we have no control over. But other times I think I've made too much of the whole affair, that sport and living are like hard rain - loud to the ears but soft on the skin. Perhaps I ought to just relax and do them"


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