Saturday, 4 July 2009

July update


Been a bit slack this last week or so on the blogging front. Lots going on, mainly though some decent hard work while back at home in Scotland. I leave tomorrow for Blair's before heading off on a training camp to Europe next week, significantly meaning today was my last day at home until the end of September.

Lots of travel planned over the next few months, Luxembourg, France, New York, Ontario, Vancouver, Whistler, Kelowna, San Fransisco, Pebble Beach and maybe Las Vegas if everything works out. Three big races too which I'll give more info on once they get closer. Hopefully I'll be in good shape.

Definitely looking forward to racing but also to flying out to Ontario at the end of the month to see Denise, Whistler in August with my family and seeing everyone back in Vancouver in September. Will be a busy 10 weeks and it will fly this case I wish it wouldn't, I'll be sad when I have to pack up and fly home.

I'll write a report after this next week before I head off to Luxembourg, not sure how much Internet I'll have access to while away in Europe. Lots of pictures though and will make sure I try and keep everyone up to date,


ps. Good luck Lance :P

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