Friday, 3 December 2010

Graduation, Scotland and Winter

Arrived back in Scotland 10 days ago now, the main purpose of my trip being my long awaited graduation ceremony last Thursday.

I missed the traditional summer ceremony in July due to my being in Chamonix so I had to make an extra trip home so I could pick up my degree in November. Was a beautiful day, snow had just started to fall so the campus looked great, really enjoyed the occasion and being able to celebrate with my family. Not every day that you get to officially become an "educated man" so I made sure to have a drink or two that night!

The snow continued to fall though, ever heavier, over the following week and as of today there must be at least 18 inches sitting in my garden. Has made training interesting but I am plugging away, already at 22 hours this week, mostly on my stationary trainer or on my slow jogs through the snow on the local trails. I'll keep pushing on though, it might be a good thing, lots of long slow sessions in December can't be bad.

Has made for some awesome photography opportunities and I've jumped at the chance, lots of great shots over the past week...a selection of which are below :)


ps. Yes I did get beaten by my mum on Monday at the "plank challenge"...fair and square, 6:11 for me - 8:30 for her, you are a beast mum!

Grad day, in my kilt

The entrance to King's college

Outside King's college chapel in my robes

Once again outside the chapel

Proud mum and myself

Proud sister and myself

Proud dad...and myself

The chapel

King's college in the snow

My surprise grad cake!

3 hour weekend run at clach na' ben

Sunset over Glen dye

Top of clach na' ben

Glen dye

OCD Driveway clearing

Frozen bushes on the railway line

Frozen railway line path

Frozen river Dee

The sole tree with leaves still on it on the Royal Deeside Golf Club

1st lap of the golf club course

2nd lap of the golf club course ... footprints exactly 1m to the right of the footprints from my 1st lap :)

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