Saturday, 26 July 2008

Sun, Stirling and Goodbyes

Hey guys,

Only 6 days left in Aberdeen, a lot of organising yet to do, sports kit needing washed, bikes needing packed (but we'll leave that all to the last minute) and in general goodbyes to be said as I won't return for at least another 9 months...

Am I sad to be leaving? I think it's always sad when someone leaves home for the first time but just as I am a bit sad and my family are too we are all just as excited about what the next year holds for me. Vancouver is an amazing city full of people to meet and places to go, skiing just up the road, a new campus to explore, new streets to wander and new training paths to forge.

Spent three days this week in Stirling with Blair, had a good ride with the local guys on Tuesday however as the Tour is on all the purist cyclists out there are in their element so the boys managed to drop me on the 5 mile leg back into town. I held on in a sense, was only about 90 seconds behind by the time the sprint was over and was blasting down the road at 28mph on the tri bars pretending to be Lance :-)
Wednesday had a nice interval running set in the evening + watching Alpe-d'Huez being scaled by the now Champ of the TDF Carlos Sastre (good on him), that said the run set knackered my legs but I am glad the shins held up and will be running on them tonight!

Friday after returning to Aberdeen I went out for a ride with my old friend Mike McLaren (a future GB rowing star), last time I saw him in January he was 6ft. 4......when I saw him on his bike yesterday he towered over me even more at 6ft. 8!! Built for rowing I say so watch that spot......all considered he needs to work on his cycling!! I went on out for another loop after I had dropped him home so racked up a nice 55km in the sun.

Today the sun was blaring so took advantage by getting in a fast 50km (31 km/h avg speed) followed by a steady 20km home to make it 70 for the day before sitting down to watch Cadel die in the TT and Carlos + Andy do the job for CSC. Now it's time for me to get off my ass, put on my Asics and get out for another set...

until next week


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