Tuesday, 15 July 2008

The Windy City

No not Chicago...but Aberdeen =-/

Wind was howling today on my Tuesday ride, a steady 42 miler. Kept it easy for the first 30 - no faster than 17mph, just trying to get any of the tirdness out of my legs from the race on Saturday.
Then I got to Torphins (12 miles from home).
At some point on any ride the terrible head wind is going to become an awesome tail wind, today this point was as I turned left in Torphins for the final slog home, a slightly downhill 12 mile road taking me basically back to my front door. With the wind howling through my Carbon wheels I sped home in a little over 25 minutes (take your car out and try and do it faster!). The 201 Stagecoach bus didn't know what to do! 30mph was too slow to stay behind the whole way home but too fast to overtake, eventually I lost him when an old couple needed a lift into town...not after wondering what that whirring white and blue blob was that just sped past them!

Good ride though and was teamed up with a steady 7km run through my village this afternoon. Starting to really enjoy the bike/run days, swimming is still an important part of my training but I'm glad I'm beginning to appreciate the time spent in the saddle and on the running paths.

Also a mention must go out to my new team Total Racing International. I have steadily built up connections with this team over the last few months and now I am a fully fledged team member. This is an exciting team to be involved with, they are all very enthusiastic and very much race minded. I look forward to working with them from Vancouver next season. (see www.total-racing-int.com for details and team shop)

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