Monday, 27 October 2008

Racing update

Well my legs held up.

Had another 10km on Sunday, 2nd of the three I had lined up to do throughout the Autumn here in Vancouver. Ran another best time, 35.28, and picked up second along with the $60 prize money...a nice mornings work.

Was in Stanley Park which seems to be the favourite venue for all things sporty here in Van, my third race through the park this year and was once again an awesome place to race through. Running partner Gordon was also there as a competitor, his first 10km of the year gearing up to his target marathons next season. A little calve trouble had bothered him last week too and he had to pull back at around 3km but still managed 4th - and a quick time considering he was running injured!

The next race I'm meant to be doing is the UBC Fall Classic 10km on Nov 16th ... but ... it happens to be the same day as the UBC Masters swim competition. It'll be my first swim event in 18months and I'll be doing the 200m/400m Freestyle along with the 100m/200m Fly, sooo excited as I feel more than ready to get back into the pool in a racing capacity ... it's been too long.

Today I continued my punishment with a fast bike up cypress mountain. Took another 4 minutes off my "Best Climb" time and 13 off my "Best Ride" time, plus a beautiful day (15 degrees) at the end of October is hard to come by so will be my last decent fast attempt up it this year. Hopefully (if Denise gets her act together) will be shooting up Seymour mountain (biggest climb around) towards the end of the week...good weather should hold out until Halloween. On that subject Vancouver gets almost creepily excited by Halloween, have seen people dressed up for days now and the levels of excitement are building fast on campus. Should be a fun weekend ... I'll keep you posted.

Train Hard


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