Sunday, 2 November 2008


I was going to wait until the end of the day to write a post but I couldn't hold it in.

Have a big 4 hour + ride starting at 2 so was going to reflect on that along with the week past but I couldn't wait any longer...

Just finished watching Great Britain's Lewis Hamilton win the 2008 Formula 1 World Championship in ultimate style. It was without doubt the most nail biting sporting finish I have EVER seen and easily the best sporting moment I have been witness to.

He kept his cool throughout the whole race staying in position to win the championship until the final 5 laps when rain started and he slipped to 6th (needing 5th to win). It wasn't until the final corner where he managed to pass the Toyota in 5th (who had lost 18 seconds in the final lap) to clinch the title, saying after the race he didn't know whether he had won until about 5 seconds after he had crossed the line.

His journey to his world title has been 20 years coming and he deserves it more than anyone out there, I hope he enjoys the feeling!

I wrote a similar post after watching Michael Phelps clinch his 8 golds in Beijing earlier this year and I feel exactly the same way now, seeing athletes achieve their lifelong and almost impossible goals is one of the most raw inspirational things out there. There are no other ways to describe the feeling other than pure inspiration. To keep your head when others are losing theirs, to not lay down when distaster strikes and most importantly to never ever ever give up no matter what the situation, no matter what late hour in the race it may be, to keep pushing at 100% until the very end will win you your world championship one day. It may not be tomorrow, or next year but you'll get there and once you do you'll be able to celebrate that for the rest of your life.

Here is a quote I read last week;

"FAIL, it's not in my dictionary. I've got a good dictionary up there and the words "fail" and "failure" have been ruled out for years. I don't know what people who use those words are talking about. All i know is "tempoary non-success", even if I've got to wait another 20 years for what I'm after, this applies to everything and everyone no matter what their goal is in life."

I have this written above my desk in my room, so with that in mind I'm going to kit up, get my bike ready and head on out to climb a mountain,


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