Sunday, 16 November 2008



just back from the pool and my first days racing in over 22 months. Was UBC's annual meet here at the University and I had 100m fly, 200m fly, 200m freestyle and 400m freestyle on my plate for the day.

Pretty anxious actually heading into this morning, didn't know what I would have forgotten and what I would have let slip over the last year and half. Racing in the pool is a different story completely to running/cycling races or triathlons. A triathlon is a long slog where tactics, energy conservation and serious endurance all come into play...a swim race however is an all out blast where the smaller things like your dive, turns and breathing are the things that win and lose you the race. This is what I was nervous about...would I have lost my edge in the water.

The day went really well though hitting times in all my races I didn't think I would be close to at this time of year. Picked up first place overall in all 4 races even the 100m fly which was only 1 heat after my 200m free.

100m fly : 1.03.80

200m fly : 2.18.14

200m f/c : 2.01.60

400m f/c : 4.16.21 (59/2.04/3.11/4.16)

Great to get back into the pool and race some fast guys in a pretty relaxed meet. Some of those times are not too far off what I was hitting right before I stopped (that said my motivation wasn't at it's highest during that point of my swimming career!) and will definitely be working hard in the pool through 2009 to get those times further down near where they should be. Think you'll be seeing me back in the pool more often,

Time for an easy week I say!


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melissa said...

hey mikey! mel and holly writing from pc passport here! very impressed with your blog!:D can't wait till your home .. not long now!!! miss you xxxxx