Monday, 10 August 2009

Epic of the Interior

Well after a stressful few days out east my friends at Speed Theory decided to take me out with them to Penticton, BC for a weekend of riding. A group of about 10 guys had planned a route for the Saturday taking us all over the area hitting the three biggest climbs around, Mt Baldy, The Anarchist and Richter Pass.

8,000 feet of climbing :-)

It was to be my longest ride ever so I was under strict instructions to take it easy and just get through the day making sure not to kill myself on any of the 20km climbs we were to take on!

Of the 11 guys riding there was Jeremy and Mike from Speed Theory, myself from Speed Theory, Jim the organiser, Gary, Dez, Drewsome, Grasshopper, Derek, Carlos and Joe. Awesome group of guys, a few were over 60 though (no names mentioned) and still very very strong.

First climb took just over an hour and had sections at 17%, second climb took closer to 90 minutes but was a steady 7% the whole way, the final being the easiest with sections at 8% but it had flatter parts for you to recover on (the final climb is met 60km into Ironman Canada). So made for a killer day but one that will hopefully add a bit more strength to my legs ahead of the race in 2 weeks time.

The course has a big hill that we ride up 8 times so there will be some blood, sweat and tears on the climb come august 23rd!

Up in Whistler, BC for 10 days of training before the next race so will keep you all posted,


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