Sunday, 23 August 2009


It's done!

First ITU race under my belt and I'm knackered. Simon Whitfield, Paul Tichlaar and Brent McMahon were all on the start list and the rest of the field was damn fast too. Had a great day with a top 25 finish and have just showered ready for a night out with my family.

Dad raced very well this morning in the AG Sprint taking off 4 minutes from his time last year. The girls cheered on dad then stayed out in the sun until 4 watching me race, dad cheered like mad too! Thanks to everyone else out on the course who were cheering me on also, saw a lot of friendly Vancouver faces.

I have some classic pictures to share tomorrow once I get back to my laptop including one of me and Whitfield tensing the guns!

Thanks to everyone for the season, especially Blair who has taken me from a top 10 age group sprint distance athlete to a top 25 ITU athlete in 18 months. Cheers dude! It's been a long road over the past 12 months but it paid off today,

I'm heading out for a beer :)


Nicole said...

Congrats!!! Way to race like a rockstar!
Wish I could have been up there to cheer you on.
See you in a few in Penticton

Phil Smith said...

Hey Mike, fantastic effort mate, it's great to see how far you have come since we raced in Gullane...enjoy the rest, you've earned it!!!
(you should have seen Blair sufferring at the Castles Challenge!!)
Phil S