Thursday, 19 November 2009

Great Scots

It's been a while since I last blogged, a week has gone past and another 7 or so tough days under my ever bulging belt!

One day at a time as they say.

Anyways, I am just about to head off to bed for good nights sleep before my last morning swim set of the week and my mind started wondering. I am from and have been brought up in a tiny little country, but size aside it has been one of the greatest in history.

There is a cracking show on channel 3 right now highlighting some of the greatest Scot's in history, over the past few weeks I've been watching intently and taking a few notes along the way. Here's a very summarised list of my favourites:

Sir Alexander Flemming
-Discovered Penicillin and single handedly forged the way of modern medicine. Nobel Prize winner

Joseph Lister
-The father of modern surgery, introduced the idea of sterile surgery

James Clerk Maxwell
- Formulated the electromagnetic theory and fundamentally changed the world of physics

Andrew Carnegie
- Led the US into its Steel Building glory days, in today's money would be the richest man on the planet ($100billion) and was one of the most significant philanthropists in history

John Logie Baird
-Demonstrated the first working television, invented colour television and in 1928 showed the first ever high definition pictures

Robert Burns
-One of the worlds greatest ever poets

Alexander Graham Bell
-Inventor of the telephone

Sir William Wallace
-Kicked the English's butts

Robert the Bruce
-Kick the English's butts


The list goes on and on so I just chose my few favourites, quite an inspiring bunch. I guess what I wanted to say was that even if you are from a little country, high in the north sea with the crappiest weather ever seen and more rain than the rain forest it doesn't take a lot to take one step away from the crowd and do something special. The guys I've mentioned tonight are some of the most influential people in history and all they did was work hard and never give up.

A lot can be said for our small little country and a lot can be said for giving whatever you choose to do a darn good shot.


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