Thursday, 12 August 2010


Finally I can put together a half decent blog post after the last few weeks. It's difficult when you are from place to place, in between races, often in airports to sit down and think over things from the past few days and get it all down.

Things really kicked off around July 24th in the Alps with my first race in a succession of 4 over 16 days, most definitely the most hectic little stint of racing I've ever put in, so had a few concerns as to whether I'd get through them all without any major problems. Firstly I hoped I'd still be fresh for the 4th race but at the same time I hoped I'd just get through without any incidents/illnesses setting in.

Everything went by without a hitch though and I put together a really good string of results that I'm definitely pleased with. The first half of the season was slow moving and took me a while to get the "sharp" feeling that I found in July. This probably has something to do with finishing university and writing my thesis which took a lot of my energy, though training was still going well. I did however struggle with some calf issues that, in all honesty, had been around for a while.

Being out in Chamonix though, working with the Chamonix Clinic, was a huge turning point. Naturally my fitness and strength improved by being at altitude and working in crazy terrain but the physiological support I received from Neil was immense. I am now feeling 10 times more solid on my feet and generally stable, especially while running.

My run split at London was still slow but it felt good and by the end of the run I actually felt pretty perky. The goal now is to hopefully build on that over the next 2 months, maybe getting faster too.

Now I'm back in Canada, into my new place in Vancouver and already back up to Whistler to have some family time before my next race. Have enjoyed a few days off/travel days since London on Sunday and getting back into training today. Already been to the pool and met up with all the Whistler triathlon guys again, even met a swim coach in the pool from the Aberdeen swim team in Washington, US. Small world!

Steady 50minute run this afternoon and a hike with Mum, Dad and sister. Beautiful British Columbia eh :)