Thursday, 23 September 2010

Getting better...

Whether it be at a skill, sport or in health the process of improving is always satisfying.

Since the Vancouver Triathlon, now 2.5 weeks ago, things have been a little up and down in terms of health - picking up a minor Man cold that took a week or so to shake and just generally feeling the same "tired out" feeling I picked up in late August.

I have managed however to continue in training prep for LA, now in 10 days, and as of this time last week have started to feel pretty good again. I was out in Victoria training with "off to Kona" Nicole for 4 days and put myself through the paces more than I've done in recent weeks and definitely felt good for it. Sunday morning I felt so good I headed out for an hour and a half (of Nicole's 2.5hrs) run and just kept going until 1 hour 50, my longest run ever. Felt great during/after as well, though by Monday I could tell I had ran a wee bit further than normal.

Lots of steady work though with some generally harder stuff thrown in, nothing huge. At this stage of the year (first race was well over 7 months ago) there is so little you can do training wise anyway, it definitely becomes a war of attrition over fatigue and health. Last season I got to the first weekend in September and decided to call it quits, this year has been much bigger though and I'm still trying to battle on. LA will be fun for sure, really looking forward to it, definitely a well respected race and one of the few "point-to-point" races on the calendar. Then making the trip out to Kona after for Ironman World Champs which will be another amazing experience ... I think my "season round up" blog post in late October this year will be a big one!

To all those who have started winter training, hats off. To all those on a training break, enjoy. And to all those who, like me, still have racing to go ... you're crazy :)

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