Sunday, 17 October 2010

The joys of streaking...

So last night was interesting...

The plan was to head off for a boys night to the BC Lions game (American football) with my old UBC buddies, which was cool as I hadn't seen a lot of them in 6 months or so.

First things first, everyone decided to get very very drunk. I was planning on having a beer or two but was more than happy to wait until the game had actually started before I went down that route. So off we go, cramming 15 guys into a limo for the 45 minute ride across town to the stadium.

Much singing, high-fiving, cheering and general "out of window" shouting ensued. Several scared bystanders later we safely arrive at the PNE. Someone had decided to give all 15 tickets to the drunkest and most rowdy member of the group so after a quick tussle I managed to get the tickets back in safe hands and everyone into the stadium in one piece.

Immediately the fun started; chanting, drinking and screaming abuse at ex and recently fired players (none of which were actually present at the game) - which was great fun for me to watch in the infinite wisdom that soberness seems to bring!

As the game got going...and I quickly realized the Canadian attempt at American football is not really the most interesting sport in the world...the rowdiness levels continued to rise, at one point the token "drum player/crowd exciter" employed by the BC Lions was stuck by one of our group's "missiles".

....many reprimands later....

"DO IT, DON'T BE A CHICKEN" Chris "smiddy" Smith was sitting there (remembering it was about 4 degrees out), half naked trying to decide whether or not it would be a good idea to go streaking. Then the surrounding crowd joined in...



...The temptation of instant fame proved too much and the very much drunk Chris flew past me, shedding the last few items of clothing as he jumped over the (very high) fence and dropped the 20 feet onto the field...unfortunately catching his foot on the railing and tumbling down almost completely on top of the 3 security guards waiting for him.

He managed to get about 30 feet before he was tackled by about 5 police men in total pinning him to the ground.

Luckily for us, and the crowd (who by this point were off their feet cheering for the now restrained streaker while sending equally passionate jeers towards the police) we had another trick up our sleeves in the form of Jordan, probably the second drunkest member of the group and more than willing to strip off in the name of streaking.

Before anyone could blink off he went, stripping off faster than anyone in history, over the 20 foot drop, completely dodging all police (who were busy with Chris), running the first half of the field completely uninterrupted, dodging a BC Lions footballer who made a half attempt to tackle him then going on to dodge all 10 police offers waiting for him at the far end of the field...successfully running into the end zone and high fiving the goal at the far end.

I have never heard a crowd cheer so loudly in my entire life, can't imagine what must have been going through his head has he ran the length of the field, completely naked (bar the fashionable look of white socks)...


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