Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Back to training it is then...

After a few weeks of chill time I went into a crazed "planning" mode and set out the goals for next season and started working out how much/what kind of training I'll be doing until Christmas.

Everything looked good so a few weeks ago I started to wind things up again. 11 hours of riding in 24 hours plus some other equally crazy things were done in my "prep" week and then last Monday everything started officially.

Last week I was back in the water properly as well as putting away my first track session of the year and a few big rides. This week I'll do about 15km in the pool, 2 hours of gym work, ride around 350km and run around 4 hours. Slowly building it up, but already feeling good.

Anyway I've also been doing lots of other more interesting things...

I've been out training in Victoria for the past week and had some great was also Halloween was this weekend!

Much serious pumpkin carving was performed:
Halloween day ride, why buy an expensive GPS when you can have a $3.99 laminated map!
3 hour tempo ride today, beautiful views on the way down from Cypress mountain
4pm November sun making West Vancouver look pretty cool, transport tanker added a sufficient amount of manliness to not make the fact I wanted to take pictures seem weird

Panorama view from Cypress mountain, not a bad place to train

Anyway...this weekend I'm off marshelling at the Haney to Harrison ultramarathon Saturday then up in Whistler next week for 5 days. Will take lots more pictures and keep them coming.

Training wise things are pretty standard, just lots and lots of hard work, so will try and keep things interesting with some cool pictures :)

Hope everyone has starting training again after the end of your respective racing seasons...if you are still relaxing I want a full explanation!


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