Sunday, 6 March 2011

Race 1 - done.

First outing of the year today in Canada with the Bazan Bay 5km run on Vancouver Island.

Went really well, the field was and always seems to be super strong at this race and putting myself up against top runners is the best way to gauge improvement and ensure I keep getting faster. It's been a month now since I started working with my new run coach and I've been working hard on the track and in workouts across the board, so though 4 weeks is nothing in athlete terms it is still exciting to head out and run fast this early into the season. I crossed the line in 16.33 and even went through the 3km 10 seconds faster than my previous 3km PB I set last year, I started strong and though my pace fell off after the first few km's I was still running faster than ever before. The last km was tough but I held on to finish as the last male not to be chicked by ITU superstar Paula Findlay, that is a victory right there - she is quick.

I'm over in Victoria now for 2 weeks to get in some focussed heavy training before my family arrives for a visit on the 19th from Scotland. Next race is another 5km in 3 weeks time, can't wait.

Firmly back into the swing of things,


ps. Some pictures below taken by superstar photographer and girlfriend Nicole Akeroyd

Getting ready
My Akeroyd family support crew
Practicing their cheers
Possibly the coolest person to ever spectate a 5km
Pre race
Start line

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