Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Coming home

Time to come home. 

...for a few days at least. 

Will arrive back in Scotland tomorrow, if all goes to plan by around 5pm. Currently it's looking like a delay full travel schedule over the next 30 hours, snowing heavily here in Vancouver - 6 inches since this morning - with most flights cancelled or delayed so far this morning. 

Drove back down from Whistler last night after a few days skiing post exams. Not sure if it's made the news back home but the 4th gondola tower on the main Blackcomb mountain lift snapped in half yesterday around 2.30pm taking the gondola cars down with it. Luckily no one died but the scene was pretty intense, I was in the process of downloading on the Whistler gondola when I saw the lines of fire trucks and ambulances pulling up. I knew something serious was up when I saw the military helicopter arrive! 

Looks like the mountains will be shut for a few days, no doubt every tower on every lift on both mountains will have to be inspected - 38 lifts, maybe 30 towers per lift....could take a while...

Really looking forward to coming home for a few days, seeing everyone I've missed and enjoying christmas at home. Exams finished last Thursday - everything went really well, had studied pretty hard and done some solid revision so was glad they went past smoothly. Training's just been ticking over since the 8th, will get some work in once I'm home but it's been a busy week! 

Hope everyone has a good christmas


ps. quick action shot of me playing in the snow last weekend...I'm the one on the ground!

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