Monday, 1 December 2008


17 days until I'm back in Scotland
24 days to Christmas
30 days to New Year

The "completely obsessed with any and every holiday" thing that seems to be oh so popular over here is rubbing off. Christmas lights and a mini tree have been up in my room for the last few weeks and now that American thanksgiving is over and done with the entire province of BC is lit up with lights and christmas trees, tis the season to be merry etc.

Unfortunately there is no rest for the wicked and training goes on as usual. Last week was pretty good, spent Thursday - Sunday in Whistler for the opening of the 2008/9 Ski season, snow was good on the Friday but got increasingly slushy as the weekend went on. Managed to get in some great, snow covered, trail runs and a decent amount of swimming also. This week is another hard one, decent chunk of time spent on the saddle today, swim/run/core tomorrow and then more hard work continuing through Friday when I head up to Whistler once more.

Being only 2 hours (at most - depending on traffic) away, Whistler is a definite temptation to anyone living here. Even though cycling is almost impossible at this time of year the cross training possibilities are endless. XC Skiing, downhill skiing, running, swimming, endless gyms (with indoor bikes etc), snow shoeing...
It is also just a great place to hang out, very much a bubble up there, once you're in you never want to leave.

Anyway I have returned to Vancouver for a few days mainly to that's really what I should be doing!

Check out this link if you get a chance, my buddy Collin (film production student) put together some clips of me on my turbo for a film of his, he's put it together with some footage from my recent swimming races...

Back to school work :(


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