Wednesday, 10 December 2008

University Exams

They're as inevitable as taxes, the looming recession and Brown being booted out of government at the next election...everyone who goes to University must sit all the exams that go along with it.

I am now on my 5th set of University exams, after these....only 3 more sets to go. They are still hard, still stressful and you are still convinced you will fail before you enter the examination room! I have studied hard, done the homeworks, sat the mid terms, gone over the past exams ... yet each time I enter that exam hall a thought crosses my mind ... "have I done enough".

This got me thinking about racing. As a swimmer I would proudly march over to the blocks at nationals, get my goggles correctly positioned for my 1500m, check to see that my fastskins were tightly tied, look over at my coach one last time, stand up on the blocks then one thought would always cross my mind ... "have I done enough to win..."

As it turned out, sometimes I had and sometimes I hadn't but that wasn't the point. The point was as an athlete you shouldn't be worrying about the things in the past when it comes to race day. I know they are the things that got you there and the training you have done is what will bring you across the line BUT the race isn't set in stone, the race is yet to happen. You have full control over what you do in that space of time and regardless of what is flying through your mind you need to remember why you are there and why you are doing it. Your mind shouldn't be filled with fear that you "might not win" but more filled with excitment that "you might". It is that "lets give this 100% and see what we can do" energy that is important to hold on to...

...even in exams


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