Sunday, 21 June 2009

Busy week!


Been a busy week back home in Scotland. Arrived back from Windsor on Monday night to stay up most of the night with a little upset stomach (something from the Thames no doubt). Luckily I was feeling better on Wednesday and back to normal by the weekend.

Did all sorts of stuff like got new shoes :) and went out for a training ride with 2007 UK Ironman champ Scott Neyedli. Today was a cracking day with blue skies and sunshine all across Scotland, it was also Norwell's first year as event sponsor for the Knockburn Standard Triathlon.

Dad had entered a team for the race with himself running, me swimming and Fraser Cartmell on the bike, unfortunately Fraser was away winning the Dutch Long course title in Holland and his bro, my coach, Blair had just raced in the highland cross yesterday so was out of commission. This left me to do the swim/bike.

I took it out HARD even for my standards in the swim building up a lead of 2 minutes by the time I headed out onto the bike, with Neyedli in chase as well as the UK Ironman record holder and my TRI teammate Greame Stewart. I was convinced it would only be a matter of time before I saw them both steam past on their TT bikes (Scott's Scott Plasma and Greame's Yellow Ceepo Venom) but as the laps went by I seemed to be holding my own. I kept my head down, cadence up and by the time I knew it I was speeding back into transition to hand the rest of the day over to dad.

It took another 2.5 mins before Scott came in which meant I managed to put in another 30 seconds on them on the bike, first time I've managed to hold my own on a 42km non drafting bike course against the big boys so i was really pleased.

Dad then ran well crossing the line in 6th, 2.12 was our overall time...not bad for father and son! :) Great day though and now we're enjoying Dad's fathers day meal,

Enjoy the weeks pictures!


Shiny new Sidi Bike shoes (sunny days only)

my new BRIGHT Salomon speedcross XC racers - perfect for Whistler

On Friday Ironman Champ Scott Neyedli and I headed out for a spin ... it was wet!

Headed out for a course recce' with Dad in tow on Saturday

There are some cool ways to get your bikes to the course out there....

But in the back seat with it's seat belt on is the only proper way to make sure the frame gets there safe!

Overall winner and my teammate Greame Stewart crossing the line, 2.06...very quick on this course, new record.

After handing over the race to dad for the run he ran well to stay in the lead until 5km, a good fathers day present! Him in the finishing area chatting with Neyedli and Stewart

End of a good day and a busy week, myself, Stewart and Neyedli after the race.

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