Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Sun, Stirling and the Blenheim Triathlon

Hello all,

After my most recent post which spoke of the monsoon season here in Scotland the weather took offence and gave me 5 days of awesome sunshine. I now have fully fledged training tan lines and a timex watch permanently marked onto my wrist.

It's been a tough few weeks and now I'm back in Stirling with my coach getting ready for the trip down to Oxfordshire, England and the Blenheim Triathlon. We'll be driving down on Friday to be ready for the race on Sunday, my first drafting sprint race of the year. Quickly followed by my first drafting Olympic distance race the next weekend.

So far this week I've caught up on some much needed rest and so far so good for this weekend. I'll write a more complete pre race warm up post as we approach the race (currently trying not to think too much about it).

Some pictures from my journey on Monday down to Stirling on the train ...

Faaaaar too much kit with me
The coast just outside of Aberdeen

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