Thursday, 28 May 2009

Scottish training

Scottish training ... rainy training? To sum it up I would have to say they went hand in hand. I've been back in Scotland for a month or so now and it's been raining since I got off the plane!

...ok a slight exaggeration but that's how it can feel when you're out in the rain for a few hours each day. It's not bad though as I've kept my head very much down and enjoyed a solid 3 week run of consistent training. Once again I have no idea yet if it will work but that's what racing is for and I've got plenty of that coming up.

June 7th is the Blenheim triathlon near Oxford in England followed by a quick trip to Walton-on-Thames for the week running up to the Windsor triathlon on June 14th. The first race is a sprint (750m/20k/5k) race with the Windsor race the next weekend being an Olympic distance event (1500m/40k/10k). Both will be pretty much flat out as the guys attending both will be top notch and after not finishing the Windsor race last year I'll be hoping for a better result there this time around.

The last few weeks have been fun, as I've said getting in a lot of training, but also as I've been able to catch up with my family who I've been away from since last August and also for the last few days been able to spend some time with my oldest friend Pete! The name "Pete" is formidable to a lot of people who know me but not him as I have a lot of great stories where Pete is the main protagonist! We spent years swimming together and now he's in Edinburgh studying Engineering, so it's good to catch up.

Just a quick mention, been swimming with my old swim team recently and it's great to see old faces and train under one of my old coaches too. The kids are great and it's nice to give them a run for their money in some of the sets too! They did 10x400m's last night which they were very proud of ... until I told them of "back in the day", which was a wednesday by the way, when I used to have to do 15x400m's on 5.15 holding 4.30 :-D Good times!

Oh well I've got a lot more training to get through today so I'd better get ready,

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