Monday, 4 May 2009


Race 2 of the year is complete, I'm not sitting in the airport in Vancouver waiting to get on my flight back home.

Was a tough day yesterday racing in the heat but it was great fun. I came out of the water first along with another athlete who road away from me on the bike. Straight out of transition you hit a steep climb for 2 miles, it was then a rolling 30km before heading back into the park and back down to transition.

I came off the bike in 6th and quickly ran up into 5th. I was feeling ok until we got into the sun and began to climb. I still held on though and had dropped to 9th by the peak of the climb (8km). The final 2km were all downhill and I opened up my legs as much as possible down the steep descent. I was passed with 500m to go and the guy got a good 30m on me but once we hit the finishing shoot I got out my sprinting legs and reeled him in regaining 9th place with about 2m to go.

It was amazing experience and I loved being able to hang out with Fraser too, we got put up in a big house 10 minutes from the race site and were given all our food in the VIP tent which made keeping rested and fed pretty easy. I also met lots of cool people in the sport like Fraser's friends Joe Gambles and Mary Miller. Really cool people who helped me a lot with my own race on Sunday.

Just about to board my plane but will be back in the UK tomorrow!


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