Sunday, 17 May 2009

British Elite Nationals

Today Strathclyde loch near Glasgow, Scotland played host to the 2009 British Elite Triathlon Champs. It was a "maybe" on my calendar and we decided earlier this week not to race today, lots of people did race though and it was great to see some of my friends out there racing as well as some of the other top British athletes.

I've just finished a toughs week training down in Stirling with my coach Blair, it's been great getting some really hard work in again. Last week was mainly getting over my jet lag and now we can look ahead to the next race in June.

But it was nice being able to see the guys race today, parts of me wanted to be racing but parts also realised I am tired and this hard work I'm doing right now will do me good down the road.

Other mentions for the day go out to my buddy Mark Yeoman who raced at the Eton Super Sprint down south, he dominated in the tough conditions and even rode the last 2km of the bike with a flat tub...on his disc :) also my dad raced today up in Turriff near Aberdeen. He braved the cold (as did mark) and raced fast over the hilly course that I've done twice in the past, good job dad!

Training in the morning so off to bed for me,

Train hard.


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