Thursday, 11 June 2009

Windsor lead up


Been down in Walton-on-Thames near London since Sunday, the sun showed itself today for the first time and it's nice to get out into the warmth again. Lots of stuff going on, exploring a new place being one of them.

Was successfully thrown out of the McLaren Technology Centre, home of the Formula 1 race team on Wednesday. Apparently it's not open to the public...and I just drove straight past the barriers on my Cervelo resulting in a short lived chase between the electric security golf cart and me. They took it in good humour though.

Today I was all over, headed over to the lake for an open water swim session and also to pick up my replacement V1 wetsuit from 2xU. Ran into the recently injured Richard Stannard and 10 minutes later the TV actor Robson Green, pretty cool. Spent the rest of the day visiting with my families oldest friends the Shinnies over in Gerrards Cross, outside of London. Was great to catch up with them and hopefully will see them at the race on Sunday.

Have also been spending some time looking into next year, as most of you know I have to finish my degree in Aberdeen next year but after I graduate would love to move back to Vancouver...the best place on earth ... or at least that's how they put it. Good news today though as the Canadian Immigration Agency got back to me with some encouraging information, let's hope it's an easy process.

Denise my cycling legend of a girlfriend has been racing like a nutter over the past two weeks. Started off two weekends ago with the UCI Montreal World Cup followed one day later with the 4 day Tour De Montreal. After few days off she started the 5 day Tour de PEI which is currently on it's last day, sitting in 8th in the GC too.

Here are some pics of the two of us at our respective races over the past 2 weeks:

Deni leading the break away on day 4 of the Tour de PEI - in black arm warmers with maple leaf jersey on

The sprint finish between myself and Bobby Oag at the Blenheim triathlon June 7th [I won :)]

Breakaway crashing on day 4 of the Tour de PEI, Denise on Right (black arm warmers)

Finishing line shot at Blenheim triathlon

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