Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Ironman Canada

Finally back at UBC, where I've spent most of the past 12 months, for another 2 weeks.

I've got one more race to get through next Monday, the Vancouver triathlon, one I did at the end of last season too. Last year I managed to win the sprint event and this year I'll take on the Olympic distance. It was won in well under 2 hours last year though so it might be a tough one!

This weekend I was up in Penticton again with Speed Theory but this time to watch Ironman Canada. My first Ironman and one of the first times I'd just spectated a triathlon.

It was amazing.

You'll have to go into the shop and ask Jeremy yourself, I was going nuts. The first 12 hours were pretty cool I admit but once we hit 9 o'clock and the guys started coming in after 14 hours it got really cool. By that time the sun had gone down, the lights were on and the music was blasting. I was cheering every athlete on, out in the street clapping and shouting at every last guy and girl who ran past. We were standing at mile 25.5 of the run so the runners passing had less than a mile to go...after racing over 139. Pretty intense.

To see the faces of the athletes as they went past, 15 hours in, was something else. Countless guys looked across with that look of "I'm actually going to finish this" or "thanks for the support bud". A very cool experience and I'd recommend it to everyone...especially the year I end up doing it, I'll need the support :)

Was staying with the awesome McCoy's all weekend too, their two kids rock and have more energy than most triathletes I know! I had a great time keeping them entertained and look forward to being their climbing frame again in the future.

Learning from one generation...
And teaching another :)

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Vincent said...

the vancouver bike turns out to be like 37k which accounts somewhat for the fast speed.

good luck on monday!