Wednesday, 23 September 2009

That time again.

Here we go.

2010 season is about to start, after a short yet good break from training I'm back at the starting line for another long winter. There are still a few days left of my holiday before I start my first block of the winter but I woke up yesterday feeling like I'd had enough of the off season. I didn't head out and start riding my bike madly up and down the street but I did ditch the junk food I'd been snacking on over the past week and began to refocus for the winter.

Last winter rocked and I had a solid 7 months in Vancouver uninterrupted, that's what I'm looking for again and will do my best to find it. I feel even more motivated that I was at the same point last year and will definitely have less distractions in Aberdeen. Living on campus at UBC meant there were plenty of those, but they added a lot to my year and made it awesomely fun. I'll be back there in no time so until then it's head down, hard work and lots of it.

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