Friday, 9 October 2009

Day in pictures

Yesterday, October 8th, I was asked to try and record my normal day in pictures. This seemed fun, and it was, despite the fact I failed miserably by ceasing the picture record around 4pm.

My day consisted of:

Wake up @455
Swim 0545-0745
#picture in car park at 0800
Breakfast at uni mates house
#picture of fruit salad looking tasty
Stroll through 500year old campus on the way to first tutorial
#lottts of pictures
Head home for lunch and studying
Afternoon ride @1330
#picture crazy
Evening track workout

... this is when i forgot to keep taking pictures, at the track workout I was pretty tired so not in the picture mood anyway...but still, could have taken a few. In all I took about 80pictures in 10 hours (8/hour for those doing the mental maths :P) so thought I'd share a few on my blog.

Truck and the morning sunrise at 0800, Swimming pool car park, familiar sight @northfieldswimmingpool

Brought fruit from home to make my morning concoction, 2kiwis, 20raspberrys, 10strawberrys @peteshouse

Entrance to University Halls of Residence, Crombie-Johnston @universityofaberdeen

Number on the left? 1494, year the university was founded, 5th oldest university in Great Britain, 41st oldest in the world @kingscollege

New Kings college, founded 1912 @newkings

The Quad and Kings in the background @kingscollege
Awesome Scots Bakery @universityhighstreet

Chancellors Mansion, you can see his Audi R8 in the driveway at weekends! @universityhighstreet

On the quad walking to Kings @kingscollege

The interior quad of Kings College, Hogwarts anyone? @kingscollege

I'm sure I saw Harry Potter somewhere @kingscollege

Onto the bike later on in the day, climbing the Durris hill @durris

Some nice lodgings along the way @durris

Actually raining in this pic, hence the tongue out in protest @royaldeeisde

Into the woods @lochton
See, rain+sun=rainbow @kirktonofdurris
LAMAS @crathes

more LAMAS! @crathes

beautiful day @park

speeding home, notice - boot covers, gloves, full bib tights, may be sunny, still 7 degrees @speedingdowntheroad

Over and out

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