Friday, 16 October 2009

Training like a panther

I'm definitely in a delirious state (which explains the panther) as I write having just come back in from the HARDEST cross training/core work out of my life.

Today was a tough enough day as it stood, 6500m in the water from 545am this morning riding this afternoon with some decent upper level efforts out near Banchory. The week in general, well into my first big phase of the winter, has been tough and will continue to pile on top of itself each week, until the easy week that is. Soon enough.

So tonight's set. I managed, for sure, and will happily do it again next week, but it was tough n' that's a welcomed change. It's definitely been a while since I did a set that made me want to puke, twice, and left me shaking over 2 hours after it finished. I was sweating within the first 3 minutes I'd say and my arms were shaking pretty soon after.

I hardly ever sweat - so at the point I was skidding along the floor on my shins due to the sweat I knew it was bloody tough. 45 mins including a mixture of run sprints, 24inch free standing squat jumps, boxing combo's (with gloves) and kicks, ab work with punches, more of the same, 10secs rest, more of the same, twice, again, and again, maybe another 10secs rest...maybe, then it all over again. Was freaking great.

We started off with a good 15mins of the boxing work with some serious combos working on speed towards the end, pulse was way up near the 175 mark before being able to push through that barrier and get it back down to the 140/150 region. But I love the new challenge and it was great seeing some obvious holes in my fitness, its nice to find something that you really struggle to get through...will keep you all updated on how next week goes.


PS. Thanks to SLS TRI for the awesome new recovery wear I received today, rocking the comp socks as we speak -

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Marcos Apene do Amaral-TriPhiloSophia said...

Go ahead bro! Count on the energies from Brazil! Good training, Marcos