Saturday, 3 October 2009

Training pictures 1

First batch of winter training pics from Scotland, woke up to an awesome morning in Aberdeen, 4 Degrees, blue skies as far as the eye can see and the prospect of my first LONG RUN of the season. Capitals letters are justified due to the fact that until this point the concept of a long run has not really been made clear to me. A long run to a swimmer is about 20 minutes, last season it meant 10km, this winter it will be different.

Drove out to Scolty hill in Banchory for 100mins of running around the wilderness, I climbed the hill 3 times and in the process met most of the people out for their morning walks at least twice...some good comments as I ran past each time. Was a stunning day and captured as much of it as I could on my camera, at one point my phone and car keys fell out of my pockets and I had to back track 3km to find them, no robbers out in the woods this morning...phew.

Take a look :)

Heading into the Scolty Forrest, sun out, blue skies

The Dee Valley towards Torphins

Heather covered hills

Hills towards Laurencekirk, Clachnaben and Cairn O'mount

General Bernett's monument on top of Scolty, aka "Scotly tower"

View of Banchory village from the hill

View down to Strachen

Me looking grizzly 85mins into the run

My truck looking just as grizzly sitting in the car park

Aaaaalmost as cool as my S2, almost.

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