Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Cool Runnings

I was already writing this post in my head last night as I ran around the 10mile Tuesday night loop in the snow. It was meant to be the weekly Metro Running club hard set that I've done each week on a Tuesday since early October, but the heavy snow and below zero temps kept everyone, and I mean eeeeveryone, at home.

By the time I showed up at the meeting spot the snow had turned to heavy rain and the wind was blowing in pretty strong from the sea. Don't ask why we run by the sea...maybe as it makes running harder? But annyway I sucked it up and headed out alone for the 17km loop, tried my best to go hard, but came in a little slower than usual in 1 hour 8 minutes.

Definitely one of the hardest runs I've had to do, needed some company, or an ipod...or a beer! But I got through it and quickly drove home for some spaghetti pie...and cookies!

Would like to give a shout out to my buddy Andrew Young who's racing today at the Winter Olympics in the Nordic Skiing events. He raced on Monday in the Men's 15km and will race the sprint event today. I've trained quite a bit up at the Callaghan Ski centre where the events are being held and I hope Andy has a great race today, he loves Whistler almost as much as I do and these games are probably the closest thing he will get to a home Olympics. At 18 he has a pretty amazing career ahead of him, so good luck dude, race like you stole it.

Another shout out to my buddy Zack from Vancouver who met Simon Whitfield last week and proceeded to ask him about me. No not Simon's 2 Olympic medals or multiple world cup victories, but me, which is both funny and awesome. So thanks to Zack for being an amazing friend and supporter but also to Simon for saying nice things about me and also being an all around cool dude.

That's enough for one day, I'm off to play with my new Sidi bike shoes (birthday next week) and head off for my evening bike set,

Stay Classy,


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