Sunday, 7 February 2010


Been a good week, made some decent progress on my University thesis (due in 10 weeks) and got in 3 swim sessions, 5 run sets, 5 bikes and 6 gym workouts (26 hours).

Did another leg of the Aberdeen 3km Beach run series on Friday, finishing 3rd this time around, my mum also raced taking 22 seconds off her PB, good family progress :)

Weather is still rubbish up here, my Sunday ride today was very dreary ... but it just made it that little bit more solid, all good preparation.

First race of the season in 6 weeks, time to get fast then...

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Training Videos from Sunday 7th Feb

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A-Russ said...

nay bother...your getting the good miles done in true scottish conditions.

may give you a visit at itu strathclyde come May, we'll see.