Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pre season

Last week after a solid 50 straight training days I headed down to Stirling for a much needed 5 days with my coach before the season starts.

The proposed season start date was set at March 21st with the Scottish University champs but that's still sooo far away...so I'm doing a University series duathlon this weekend. It will be my first run/bike race and first proper effort of 2010.

That said last week in Stirling had some pretty decent efforts. A lot of big swim sets as firmed up my confidence in the water and feeling much stronger on the bike as well. On Sunday I headed out for the Stirling Tri Club's 96km Reliability ride, I set off with the last group and stuck in for much longer than I thought I could, especially after the previous few days. Thinking back to last year, even last summer, that ride would have floored me. So its all good.

So this week will be tough again before my race this coming weekend, followed by a much needed relaxing few days around my 21st birthday on the 25th.

On another note my summer plans are firming up, I'm now confirmed to race Pro at the LA Triathlon in October my second race in California after the Santa Barbara Tri in late August. As more races are confirmed I'll keep you all in the know.

Hope everyone is training well,

Enjoy the winter Olympics!


ps. Thanks again to everyone for their support and encouragement over the past few months, it's been great.

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