Saturday, 17 April 2010


For as long as I can remember...and I'm pretty sure I can remember my 4th birthday party, so a long time...I have been a juggler.

Juggling school with training, training with eating, eating with resting, resting with racing, racing with school...the cycle goes on. But it seems as if I've always been juggling several important things in my life. Unfortunately I think over the years it means some things have been pushed to the wayside when they maybe should have not, an active social life, friends and some of the other fun parts of growing up. I am constantly reminded of this by what my friends get up to when not studying and I am out training but it is not very often I'd rather be doing anything else.

To be juggling therefore is something I am very used to.

The last month however has began a transition between that life and a new one. I am well into the depths of "wrapping up" my degree, thesis all but handed in, one group project left, graduation forms sitting on my kitchen table. I have no doubt the new life of training, training and more training...with some racing, will be a juggling act also, but maybe one with a few less balls...and none of them doused in kerosene and set alight :)

It is a nice feeling, my shoulders feel the least tense they have felt in about 5 years and the thoughts of "the future" which at one point were scaring me to the point of narcolepsy, aren't quite as terrifying. Part of me thinks it's because the sun finally came out on Friday...makes a world of difference.

Anyway for the first time in my life I don't have a plan, I like plans, they make it easier to evaluate whether or not things are going to plan, but surprisingly it's not bothering me as much as I thought it would. I'm just going to take things as they come and see where it takes me.

So as can be deduced by my positive tone today training has been going well. The training camp in Canada was spot on, stealing some of Mr Whitfield's run sets certainly can't have done me any harm. I've have dropped a few pounds as well and I find it always helps you feel you're getting faster if you're looking faster, and nothing says "looking faster" than a little less podge around the waist! A lot of guys out there are training for big races right now, Kelvin (UBC engineering student, mtber and triathlon convert) is gearing up for his first ever triathlon in a few weeks (go man go), lots of guys are getting ready for the start of the national and international triathlon summer, Mum is prepping for her first 10km in 30 years (impressive!), Nicole is gearing up for Ironman Canada in August, Murray from SpeedTheory is well and truly into his training for the STP 300+km bike race, Denise is already stuck in to an insane European summer racing schedule and I have a few races coming up too.

Before I get to the start line for my summers racing I still have to hand in my thesis next Wednesday (by 11:59AM), do a little more training and enjoy a 3 day trip to London (Volcanic ash pending) for my best friends 21st birthday...but it's getting pretty close.

For now,


ps. Some pictures...

View from my window pre-hill reps

Sun, snow, 3hrs on the bike :)
2 hours into the ride, lower altitude, no snow, beautiful
big box of goodies from blueseventy, thanks guys :)
out on a run

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