Thursday, 29 April 2010

Wish I was racing...


This weekend was meant to be my first proper test of the year, the British University Tri champs waaaay down south in Wiltshire. Unfortunately due to travel logistics (1600km round trip) and my final university project (click here for the post about my project) it has meant that I've had to withdraw. Would have been a fun race, my swimming is definitely on form and I am in general feeling very strong so was looking forward to it.

So the hunt is on for a replacement race, currently it looks like I'll be doing a 35mile bike TT this Sunday and then another race (Sprint triathlon) next weekend. No doubt they will be good efforts for my legs right now...I hope.

After that it is down to proper racing with the ITU Euro Cup race at Strathclyde on May 23rd, Blenheim Elite race on June 6th (but I'm currently on the waiting list) and the Windsor Elite race the next weekend on June 13th. They will all be on TV eventually so keep an eye out if you're in the UK over the summer.

So as I am currently working hard on my final Uni tasks but really wish I was already away racing...I thought I'd put some new pictures up to remind me of the pain :)

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thx u very much, i learn a lot