Sunday, 2 May 2010


Just back through the door after the 54km TT I was doing this morning. Was meant to be down in England doing the British Uni championships but that didn't work out so instead I headed up to Braemar for a 54km time trial.

It was part of the Deeside Adventure Race, which people can do as individuals, teams or a mixture of the two. I was only doing the first part but my friend Scott Neyedli (Ironman Champ) was doing the whole thing, 54km TT, 12.1mile run, 25km TT. Crazy eh?

Anyway we headed up early this morning and 45mins into the car ride and it had already started snowing. By the time we reached Braemar the temp was sitting at -3 and it pretty much snowed on and off in flurries until we left. It wasn't too bad though, definitely seen worse.

Everyone fired off at 30 second intervals, I was off 2nd last and was put 3minutes behind the 3rd last guy. Scott was 3 minutes behind me as well. Mainly so we didn't catch everyone up too soon! It seemed to work for the first 5 miles, as we all encountered snow generally neutralizing the pace for a while but once I got into the swing of things I started to feel really good. Managed to keep it in a pretty big gear all of the way and, every time I checked at least, was well above 40km/h.

Pretty sure I caught everyone in front of me bar 1 and successfully held off Scott attacking from behind to post a 1hour 19minute 54km, average speed of 41.4km/h. Felt strong and my HR never went above 174, so all good.

Just finished up my post race refuel/ice bath session. Pretty much can't walk so Brian my physio will have his work cut out tomorrow!


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