Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tinley Talks

If you are ever short for inspiration, no one is better to look to than 2 time Hawaii Ironman champ and general legend Scott Tinley.

He has a way with words;

"...He'd known it all along of course. It was a brilliant tactic from a man who has trouble walking to the end of the block. And he knew that I knew that I knew it but couldn't quite remember it. Because when talking about anything from the moment of conception to the end of earthly life, the heart - from all points of science, study and approach to knowledge - is a central point of departure, regardless of which direction you're headed. And no less can be said about its role in endurance sports.

If our heart is broken from a failed relationship, we can still run miles and miles in an effort to heal it. If it's soaring from some grand victory, we can still feel it break when others who live inside our own cannot share that glee. If we wear it on our sleeve, we must be ready to take what others can sling at us. And if we keep it too closely guarded, we rarely reach the peaks and valleys of human emotion.

The four chambers of the heart drive the fluid that delivers the goods to the muscles that make us go. Blood moves as a clock to the points of the bodily compass. Kids understand this. Adults suffer the consequences of forgetting it. The heart can gush with pleasure if all systems move in synch or stop us cold in our tracks if dammed by the particulars of age and treason of poor choice.

The heart can be observed, dissected, broken, repaired and replaced. We rely on it like a good neighbour, realizing that even if it's always there doing what it's supposed to do, we still need to pay attention to it.

To succeed in endurance sports and in life, all you need is a big heart, but that has nothing to do with size"

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Necessity is the mother of invention..........................