Sunday, 9 May 2010

Final pre season race-done.

All done, winter is over and the pre season warm ups concluded just a few hours ago.

Turriff sprint triathlon, 50miles north of Aberdeen, is a tough little race, was one of my first ever races 3 years ago and this year was my 3rd attempt at winning, two 2nd places in 07/08.

Scott Neyedli, a fellow Aberdonian and a great help to my training when he is in town as well as a wise and established Ironman Champ, was racing and he gave me the idea to come up and race with him (for the second weekend in a row). Lewis Murchie a young up and comer as well as some other local "Elite" age groupers were on the start list.

760m swim, 21km hilly bike and a 5km out and back run, all fun and games eh.

Was my last prep race before things kick off on the 23rd and wanted to put in a good effort to see how my legs are. Swim was cracking, 8.25 in a tightly packed lane (including Neyedli wearing his illegal swimskin! ha), 150m run to T1 down some steps, 18 second T1 :), out onto the bike - first 9km are seriously lumpy and the wind was in my face, Scott caught me with 5km to go on the bike, into T2 about 30 seconds apart. 5km run, out and back, straight onto a nice 400m hill which stole my energy a bit. Built into it though and by the turnaround I was about 45 seconds back from Scott. Second half I actually felt good, for once, and picked it up considerably, reeling Scotty back in a we bit to finished 36 seconds back.

My time, 1.02.26
Scott, 1.01.50

Two fastest race times ever, woo.

Back at home now, watching the Giro D'Italia, Formula 1 is recorded and will watch it later. Super hungry but not too tired which is good, legs feel not too bad at all.

Back to business eh.


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