Saturday, 10 January 2009


Apologies on my blogging tardiness, but happy new year and I hope everyone had great holidays. 

I spent a week back home in Scotland for Christmas with the family before heading back to Canada for new year and the start of the new school semester. After exams finished in December I had just finished up a 4 month block of heavy winter training which started in early September while the sun was still out and the days were long. Back in September I had just moved to Canada, been racing for 4 straight weekends and trying to get to grips with new surroundings, new people and new classes. Part of the way I managed to stay sane through all that upheaval was by throwing myself 100% into training, something I enjoy doing! 

Me and Blair worked up a great way of getting in my work around class etc and we built up through the months until the end of December where it got very hard both in distance but also in training around the snow/rain and daylight issues. 

I then enjoyed 2 weeks of down time around Christmas so I could rest up while visiting family and remember what it was like not to train 24/7 again. I enjoyed my time back in Scotland but by the time I was sitting at the family dinner table after christmas dinner I was ready to get going again, we arrived in Canada 2 days later and training started. 

XC skiing, 4 hours on the hill downhill skiing a day + core work and regular running made the week around new years tiring but fun. Great snow in BC made the conditions amazing for all winter sports but sadly we lost 4 skiers in Whistler Blackcomb alone in the 6 days around new year. Reminds you how dangerous the sports we all love to do can be. 

After last weekend I travelled back home to Vancouver to start the new school year. Straight back into classes + training, definitely a strict routine but we are creatures of habit and to be honest a little bit of routine never hurt anyone! The new schedule will work very well around training and I am looking forward to getting back off the trainer once the roads become a little less ice covered. 

Also congratulations to Miss Denise Ramsden my cycling partner, girlfriend and general bike handling coach who won Pedal magazines "Best overall junior female cyclist" award of 2008. We have now deduced she can beat me at cycling, ice skating, hiking and xc skiing ... my goal for 2009? Stop being beaten by girls!

Looking forward to the new year (and race season - 8 weeks out),

All the best,


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