Sunday, 18 January 2009

Keeping it interesting

Ask any athlete who trains, as I do, 14-16 sessions a week, 24 hours, 5am mornings ... the whole 9 yards, if they sometimes get bored and they will either answer;

"yes, 12 sessions in the pool each week is mind numbing/yes, we always do the same stuff/same sh*t different day" ... 


"well you would think I would but I do my best to mix it up ... I love doing all this stuff every day". 

The first response is much more common (especially in the swimming world) but I am glad to say I could reply with the second. If you want to enjoy the same old sports and training day in day out there needs to be some effort on the part of the athlete/coach to make sure the training is fun, different and downright crazy a lot of the time ... it's where the fun lies. 

Well I do like to throw in the crazy stuff every week, be it throwing rocks around on the beach for an hour (replaces standard medicine ball work), running up a mountain (15km on a flat road gets boring) or today, just for fun, going for a swim in the pacific in the heavy fog, 5 degree air temp, 4 degree water temp ... or according to the weather office 4.11 degrees C



keeps it interesting


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