Saturday, 17 January 2009


Running is hard. It's not easy, if it was easy then it was jogging. So I don't feel bad in saying that I find running pretty tough every once and a while... ESPECIALLY today :-) 
(smiley face as I was loving it)

There is a ski hill in Vancouver called Cypress Mountain, I climbed it regularly September - November on my bike as it was great hill work, 15km at about 8% and reading back through some of my blog posts from around then I found it pretty tough a few times. Has some beautiful views from up top as it is at about 3000feet rising from sea level so you can see all the way to Mount Baker in the US. 

Sooo today I thought it would be a good idea to run up it ... if cycling up it hadn't been hard enough. Well there isn't really much to say about the run apart from it was HARD at the start, HARD in the middle and pretty much really hard until the very end! Good things were that at one point we overtook a cyclist ... and the RedBull girls from the ski hill honked their horn at us when they drove past! :) (hence the smiles!) 

Great day though, spent 2 hours on the bike in the afternoon so now it's time to rest up for tomorrow. BEST of luck to Fraser Cartmell who's racing the South Africa 70.3 tomorrow in East London, SA. Have a good race. 

Here at the pictures from today...

The blanket of cloud covering Vancouver

Views out to Vancouver Island

Mount Baker, Washington State - US

Me looking a little more tired than usual :)

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