Thursday, 15 January 2009

Snows gone but bring on the London fog.

So, luckily for all the cyclists out here in Vancouver the snow melted away on Tuesday buuuut as of yesterday afternoon the entire city has become encased in some serious fog. 

Not 21 century fog, more like 1800's, dark alleyway, werewolf of London stuff. So once again I was cooped up inside on my trainer for another 2 hours this morning even though I was kind of glad to be safe inside watching a movie in the saddle than outside where visibility crept down to around 30m for most of the afternoon.  

After class etc which ended at 1530 I headed down to the beach for a fun session. Gordon and I, all decked out in full thermals (still cold) and backpacks, proceeded to find the biggest rocks around and stack them neatly inside our packs. Then with about 20kg of stones we trudged the 5km along the rocky beach fighting with logs and rocks before hiking the 2km hill back up to the main road and the 2km back onto campus. Always fun to find new ways to make your legs hurt the next morning! 

In general training is strong, getting back into the full swing of things after christmas but I definitely want to start racing soon. In my opinion this is the hardest time of year the time when you have to keep the miles up, keep putting in the really hard work, all the while getting restless and wanting to race. Just going to keep my head down as no doubt the races will come around much sooner than I imagine ...

...and I can't wait


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