Saturday, 14 February 2009

February training


quite a bit to catch up on. Last weekend I was in Victoria celebrating an early Valentines day, was nice to get away but come Monday we were back in trianing mode. Tuesday morning was interesting...

0450 I set out, goggles in hand, for my 1km trudge to the swimming pool. It was frosty and about -5 but I didn't really notice it as I was wrapped up.

HOWEVER once I got on pooldeck at 0515 (we train outside on Tuesdays) it started to feel a bit colder ... then I took my kit off so was standing there in just my trunks. New meaning to the word shrinkage. Oh but it got colder, literally just as I was about to dive in on came the snow, lots of it. The entire pooldeck was covered in about 4 inches of snow within the hour, so by the time 90minutes came around and it was time for me to dash back inside in my trunks I was pretty chilly!

Unfortunately once I had gotten back to my room, had eaten and fully warmed up, I had to don all my winter cycling gear and head out for 2 hours in the chilliness. Was all good fun though and was a nice thought knowing no one else would be riding outside that day :)

The week then went past pretty quickly, my sister Britney and her boyfriend Euan arrived on Wednesday and Denise's mum arrived on Thursday along with a few midterm exams to make it all interesting. We then headed up to Whistler yesterday for a few days, before me and Gordon head down to Oregon for a training camp come Tuesday.

Looking forward to getting in some solid training over the next week or so without the distraction of school and homework (even though some people would say I do without the homework most weeks anyway! :D )

On another note, watched Lance ride in the first TT of the Tour of California today. He looked pretty good finishing 9th, lets see how the week goes and maybe I'll increase his tour chances (currently at 40% to win).

Have a good spring break


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