Friday, 20 February 2009

Training Camp Update

Mid way through the training camp here in Oregon.

Pretty much dead but have just about enough energy to write a quick post!

Been full on since we arrived on Tuesday; Swim/Bike/Run etc etc etc. Had some great rides up in the hills, perfect roads for riding and there has been a constant head wind to contend with. Sun has been out so have some colour on my cheeks!

Had Gordon out with me on my ride today in the car protecting me from traffic (two big steep and narrow climbs) but as we crested the top of the last climb my follow car (that was now in front of me breaking wind) decided to stop abruptly sending me crashing into the back/side and over the handle bars. Cuts and bruises aside I'm still 100% though I think my driver got a scare!

Still got some seriously hard work before I get to go home, loving it though. Many thanks to my uncle for letting me use his house!

Will get a full report + pictures once I'm back in Canada.


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