Thursday, 26 February 2009

Birthday reflections

Upon typing my birthday into google, hoping to find some cool people born on the same day as I I was disappointed to find only George Harrison and Sally Jessey Raphael. So dead Beatle and old TV host aside I continued my search.

This brought me on to famous things that happened on my birthday...things got a little random.

On the 25th of February;

1751 - 1st performing monkey exhibited in America, NYC (admission 1 cent)

1964 - Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) TKO Sonny Liston in 7 for heavyweight boxing title

1982 - Record speed for a snowmobile (239 kph)

OK so as you can gather from my blogging thus far yesterday was pretty uneventful. Got some nice presents from my family a few weeks back but they were already all opened and I got a new shirt from Denise which I look forward to wearing when the occasion arises :)

And I did check, the current snowmobile world record is 284.85 kph (177.0 mph).

I am continuing my daily battle against the clock here in Van, even when I get up at 4.45 I still only just have enough time for my 3 sessions, 4/5 stops for food, class, studying and occasionally a shower. I have come to the conclusion that the earlier you get up, the longer you think you have most often resulting in you taking a more relaxed approach to things ... hence resulting in an equally "tight for time" day. That aside I am fitting everything in.

Time management is one of the things they don't write on the front cover of any sports books, training magazines or websites. It is something we all battle but for the few pro athletes out there it is one of the things that makes them the best guys in the world at what they do. Talent, attitude and drive may all be ranked higher on the list of "essentials" but if you can't fit it all in, can't fit in the time for relaxing, school work, family, food etc nothing else will work either. My skills at fitting things in have been pressed over the past 6 months but it has most definitely given me a new appreciation for naps, getting to bed before 930 and a shower that lasts longer than 3 minutes!


ps. just ordered a new Dura-ace Cassette :) I am now 66g lighter on my bike woo

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