Saturday, 25 April 2009

1 of my 9 lives

To quote Fraser "that's one of my nine lives gone".

First off, I'm walking, breathing, eating and in a few hours I'll be back in the saddle.

No concussion, no broken bones and as of 48 hours after the crash no aches or pains to report either.

It was 12.45pm on Thursday and I was minding my own business, riding down the road, visible to all when a minivan decided to turn into an ally way without signalling (or checking their mirrors). Without delving into the gruesome details I was thrown off my bike onto the road hitting my head pretty hard, bike was run over (new bike) unfortunately ending it's life after only 40km and I took a bit of a hit as I smacked the ground as well. Luckily after an afternoon at the hospital all tests came back clear and I was released for a long night of constant concussion checks, icing, compression tights and regular stretching (at 1am, 3am and 5am).

Life goes on and I am just very happy to be here blogging 2 days after. As of right now I'll still be on the start line at Wildflower in California next weekend.

The first people I called (while I was still lying on the ground) were my friends at Speed Theory. They've become my family here in Vancouver and seeing as Denise was busy in an exam they were my first call. Murray quickly came over and carefully took me back to the store where they fed and watered me plus kept me warm before they made me go to the hospital to get my head checked out. I waited until I was checked out of the hospital before I called home and woke my parents up, the last thing your mum wants to here is that you're heading "into" hospital not "out of".

Main thing is, I'm OK. I'll be back on the bike today and back in the water tomorrow.

Next stop, Wildflower!

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Nicole said...

Sorry to hear about your accident! Tough that the new bike is toast already, but it's better than you being hurt.
Take care and gooooooood luck at Wildflower!
-Nicole Akeroyd