Sunday, 12 April 2009


Hey guys,

been up in Whistler for a few days now. My family have been across here in BC for 10 days and it's been great to spend some time with them. Being in Vancouver is amazing but it does mean you miss your family and we are all very close.

For one thing I feel my family are just as invested as I am in my future in sport. Mum has put in almost as many training hours as I have if you count the car rides she used to give me to swimming. She'd meet me at school EVERY day at 3.40 to take me to training (40 minute car ride) then have to drive all the way home (rush hour) plus pick me up 4 mornings a week at 7.45am (driving through rush hour to get there) to take me to school.

I'd estimate 2 hours a day in the car 4 or 5 days a week (plus other sessions in between). That's alot of time! 2x4x50x10=4000

I think I'll push my kids toward a more time friendly sport...or one where they can train from the house (cycling!)

Dad as well, having always been my main sponsor but also as the one who would wake up at 4.30am 4 mornings a week for 5 years to get me to the pool! Though now it's a habbit for him so he does it anyway ... even though I'm 4,000 miles away :)

They did it without complaint or protest for 10 years and they still do every day 24/7, helping me get up and out on my training rides, runs and swims in the rain and snow .... or occasional sun, 7 days a week. Now however, I also have the added support of my girlfriend who supports me 100% in my training as well ... even though often I'd rather stay in and watch TV with her, she sends me out to train regardless.

What I'm trying to say is this is not a solo effort from anyone. Attempting to be the best at anything requires 100% from many different people, not just the athlete themselves. I think realising that is one of the first steps.

I'm off to thank my mum for all those lifts!

... again


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