Wednesday, 22 April 2009


Hey guys

I'm not going to try and hide my excitement over my new bike, like a 6 year old at Christmas would best describe it. It's been here for a while but not fully built and wasn't ready to take home until yesterday.
Thanks to my brilliant sponsors Speed Theory they hooked me up with a 2009 Cervelo S2 with 7900 DA and Look Carbon pedals. I put it on the scales last night and they actually went below zero ... honest.
I'm currently running around getting all my friends to pick it up while also trying to keep finger prints off it, I'll take good care of it and hopefully it will make me fly this season.

Enjoy the pictures,

Sitting in the store

Me taking 5 hours to actually leave the store with it

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Kamal Rae said...

Awesome, glad to see you got it! Enjoy your time back in the UK. Good luck with the racing (and weather) - see you in Kelowna.