Sunday, 10 January 2010

Back home

Tell you what, I leave the country for 2 weeks and "climate change" decides to happen overnight!

Hit -23 in Scotland on Friday...the South Pole was only -22.

Arrived back into the UK last night after delays in Canada, -10degrees in London with 54 of British Airways 58 flights cancelled. Luckily Aberdeen airport was open so I got back home and into my bed by 11 last night.

WIDE AWAKE however at 4am, always a nice surprise.

"crap I'm awake, should I look at the clock?

I'm going to look at the clock. I bet its after 6, it must be after 6.


Up I got and was at the supermarket by 530am picking up groceries for the house, managing to wake up EVERYONE in the process of unpacking the cereal in the kitchen at 615.

Sunday is usually the day for a long ride, but considering it was -8 outside with snow everywhere and I was a little tired from the journey I just stuck to my trainer and put in a solid few hours in front of the tv...

The rest of the week will be focused on studying and getting in some more solid training, lets hope it warms up a bit outside.

Here are some cool pictures from the last few weeks in Canada...

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