Wednesday, 20 January 2010



Currently I'm 2 down/2 to go, or in other words, only 2 more exams to complete...for the rest of my life. Forever, my last 2 exams...ever.

Now that's exciting.


I'm fitting in training around 6 hour study days as well as days with exams. The stress gets to you at times for sure. With that in mind I've booked a ticket to London for next Tuesday to stay with my good friend Mark for 6 days.

It will be a great escape from the hectic last few weeks up here and I really need it. To be able to just focus on training again for a week will be the perfect medicine. Last time I was down was for the week long run up to the Windsor Triathlon last season and it ended up providing me the lead up for one of the best races of my life. I hope next week will give me another boost heading into vital training as we are faaaast approaching the beginning of yet another season, with more work, more pain, more chances.


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